Get The Perfect Rhinoplasty At Aespala Medspa In Oak Brook, IL

We’ve all seen celebrities get a noticeably unflattering nose job. No one wants that! According to a recent article from Health News Digest, there are a few secrets to getting the perfect rhinoplasty.

The first step in getting a great nose job is choosing the right surgeon. This doctor should have a good reputation and many years of experience in the field. Ideally, they should be a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Marschall here at Aespala MedSpa in Oak Brook, IL.

Patients and surgeons should communicate clearly and openly about the surgery. The patient should be made aware that there are limitations to a rhinoplasty and based on the condition of the patient’s nose (regarding the bridge, tip and width). Depending on the patient, Dr. Marschall recommends between one and four weeks of recovery time from this procedure.

A rhinoplasty is considered major surgery, so be knowledgeable of possible complications. But also feel relieved knowing that complications from rhinoplasties are unlikely with the experienced board-certified plastic surgeon at Aespala Medspa in Oak Brook, IL.

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