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Neck Lift

At Aespala Medspa & Plastic Surgery Servicing Both Oak Brook & Elmhurst

Don’t Let Aging Take Away Your Beauty

With a neck lift Oak Brook & Elmhurst patients can have the skin along their necks lifted and tightened. Many factors may contribute to the skin in this area losing elasticity, including age, fluctuations in weight and hormones, and sun damage. If you find that you are experiencing sagging, excess tissue, double chin, jowls, or “turkey gobbles,” contact us to schedule your consultation and find out if a neck lift at Aespala Medspa & Plastic Surgery may be the solution you are looking for!

What Neck Lifts Treat

  • Sagging
  • Double chin
  • Excess skin in the neck/chin area
  • “Turkey gobbles” beneath the chin
oak brook & elmhurst neck lift model with blonde hair

Neck LiftOak Brook & Elmhurst, IL

How A Neck Lift Works

At Aespala serving Elmhurst & Oak Brook neck lift procedures are a form of surgery that removes the excess fat of the neck and under the chin, while tightening and smoothing the skin for an aesthetically pleasing appearance. There are just a few small, hidden incisions made around the jawline to sculpt your profile with expert precision.

elmhurst & oak brook neck lift model with curly hair

Neck Lift Benefits

  • Tighter lifted skin

Younger, Contoured Appearance

After a neck lift Elmhurst & Oak Brook patients will find it takes about 2 weeks for swelling to subside and for you to see the final results of your procedure.

Neck Lift Frequently Asked Questions

Most neck lift patients can return to work after a week of recovery time, and return to moderate exercise after two weeks.

We will discuss any risks during your initial consult. Our board certified/eligible plastic surgeons mitigate risk as much as possible.

The neck lift in Oak Brook, IL doesn’t stop you from aging, but it should be several years before you start to see looser skin.

Curate Your Customized Treatment Plan

Aespala welcomes each patient with heartfelt care and dedication to providing an optimally personalized experience. Share your beauty concerns with us and we will create a customized treatment plan with our recommended services!

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