Understanding the Recovery Process After Sculptra BBL Treatment


The popularity of Sculptra BBL (Brazilian butt lift) treatments has increased dramatically in recent years. Many people seek this cosmetic treatment for several reasons, such as filling areas with lost fat or enhancing the shape of their buttock area; however, it is essential to understand the recovery process before deciding if this option is right […]

Is Halo the Right Treatment for Your Hyperpigmentation?


Hyperpigmentation is an increasingly common issue, affecting people of all ages and skin types. While various potential treatments are available, choosing the right one can sometimes be confusing. The Halo® Laser by Sciton® is a relatively new laser treatment that has gained attention for its effectiveness in treating hyperpigmentation. Here, we explore the Halo laser […]

What to Expect During and After a Botox Treatment

Botox Treatments in Oak Brook, IL

Botox has recently become popular to diminish wrinkles, soften facial lines, and create a youthful appearance. But what can you expect when getting a Botox treatment? Learn how this injectable relaxes your muscles, minimizes signs of aging on your face or other areas like your jawline or neck, and what post-treatment care is recommended for […]

Say Goodbye to Stretch Marks: Discover the Power of Microneedling


Whether it’s from unexpected weight fluctuation, pregnancy, or other underlying health issues, getting rid of stretch marks is no easy feat. But now, there may be a solution: microneedling. This treatment, which uses tiny needles to resurface the skin and stimulate collagen production, has been growing in popularity for several years as a safe and […]

BBL Photofacials vs. Traditional Rosacea Treatments: Which One Reigns Supreme?

BBL Photofacials vs. Traditional Rosacea Treatments | Aespala MedSpa & Plastic Surgery

In a market full of rosacea treatment solutions, it can be challenging to determine which option is the best for relieving uncomfortable symptoms like skin redness, bumps, blemishes, and dryness. Some of the most commonly discussed treatments are BBL Photofacials and traditional medications, creams, or ointments. Let’s take an in-depth look at both methods of […]

Sculptra BBL vs. Traditional Butt Lift: Which Is Right for You?

Sculptra BBL vs. Traditional Butt Lift: Which Is Right for You? | Aespala Medspa & Plastic

Are you considering enhancing your buttocks and achieving a curvier figure? You’re not alone! Buttock enhancement procedures have gained tremendous popularity in recent years, and two options that may have caught your attention are Sculptra BBL and the traditional butt lift. Let’s delve into the details of these procedures and help you determine which is […]